It's the last thing a thief wants to seeAdvanced DNA identification offering a permanent solution to combat theft

Secured advanced DNA forensic identification is a permanent solution
to combat theft - we guarantee it

Prevention and Protection

Until it happens to you, it's hard to understand the impact that having your car or van stolen will have on you, your family and possibly your business.
Yet every year, thousands of people in the UK experience the inconvenience and financial loss of finding their car or van stolen.
Modern car technology does reduce the risk of opportune theft, but
to a professional, possibly stealing your car to order it's no protection. 

But there is an easy way to beat the thief. 

Secured delivers literally hundreds millions of unique DNA identification markers suspended in a UV tracer. These incredibly robust molecular taggents are permanent, unforgable and visible only under ultra violet light. They withstand extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and acids making them virtually impossible to remove or destroy.

The DNA is applied to all high value mechanical and sophisticated electrical components, catalytic converters, alloy wheels and even body panels. It creates a complete identity shield, much like a forensic V5 registration document making a Secured vehicle much too risky to steal.


It is a fact that over 85% of stolen vehicles are taken after the theft of car keys – YOUR keys stolen from YOUR home. By fitting SECURED and displaying the highly visible warning labels, not only are you protecting your vehicle but also significantly reducing the risk of home burglary for the theft of keys.

Experience shows that although the theft of your car keys is the primary aim, once inside your home the thief can easily take your personal belongings as well as high value items such as cash, jewellery, laptops and mobile phones before using your car as the means of escape. And whilst most things are covered under your insurance, this will not replace the time or heartache of losing cherished belongings.

Some cars are taken to steal it’s identity, others simply for their valuable components. But because criminals know your vehicle and all its major components can be identified, traced and place them at a crime scene will quickly move on to a less well protected target.


Hundreds of millions of unique DNA ..... in a U.V tracer.


Independently tested and accredited by the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives


Creates a permanent, unforgable complete identity shield and stops thieves in their tracks.


Our outstanding success in preventing theft gives us the confidence to provide a unique lifetime guarantee.

  • Technology

    Incredibly complex with one simple task, to beat the criminal.

  • Guarantee

    Protecting you, your car and your investment.

  • Applications

    Your vehicles, your home, business and all the possessions you treasure the most.

  • Asset Register

    The asset register is safe, simple and secure.

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