ApplicationsProtecting your most prized possessions

SECURED  protects your vehicles, your home, business and all the possessions you treasure the most.

SECURED doesn't just assist the Police in recovering your stolen property - it helps prevent their theft in the first place.

By permanently and covertly marking all your valuables with the unique DNA tag and registering their ownership on our Secured Registration System you make your treasured possessions easy to identify and pointless to steal. No thief wants the slightest chance of being caught with stolen goods or being placed at the scene of a crime.

Ideally suited to cars, vans, motor cycles, motorhomes,caravans and HGV's, the permanent DNA technology will protect not only against the theft of the vehicle but will also uniquely identify all high value components, accessories and specialist fit items.

As a tradesman, your vehicle is your livelyhood. The theft of your vehicle will have an immediate impact your business and the potential theft of your specialised tools and equipment is an equally bigger worry.  DNA marking, applying warning labels  to all your tools and equipment and registering on your asset register is the most effective theft deterrent. Your tools are easily identified and proof of ownership irrefutible - making their theft both risky and futile.

SECURED is not just for your car.

Your home, your office and your workplace are also vulnerable to thieves. They can contain equipment worth £000's that need to be uniquely i.d marked and protected from theft. Look how easy it is to permanently identify and protect your pc's, laptops, portable office equipment and I.T, power tools and even plant and machinery.                        

And remember - what ever you mark and protect, the Police only have to find one of the millions of DNA markers for conviction - the thief has to remove them all to be safe from prosecution. No other product comes close. Guaranteed.

If it has value to a thief it can be protected with SECURED.

Only SECURED gives you:

  • Unique guarantee
  • Essential layer of additional vehicle security
  • Minimises threat of car key theft and burglary from your home
  • No maintenance
  • No initial or annual subscriptions
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