GuaranteeNo other security product provides a guarantee like this

SECURED protects you, your car and your investment. Guaranteed.


Having your home burgled and your vehicle stolen is a devastating experience. But we know the traceability of your vehicle and its components, the evidence to place a thief at a crime scene and the irrefutable proof of ownership makes stealing it futile and moves the thief on to a less well protected target.

We know this threat of prosecution is overwhelming and are so confident Secured will prevent any thief from even attempting to steal your vehicle we support it with a unique lifetime money back guarantee. We have also reduced the risk of your tools and equipment being stolen and will contribute an additional £750.00 should you loose tools or equipment after the theft of your van. If you want the added financial protection our replacement vehicle insurance will also help you with the cost of finding a replacement vehicle. Please check with your retailer for full guarantee details.

Simple. No other product can even come close. Choosing Secured not only gives you the peace of mind knowing you have protected your vehicle from theft, but should the unthinkable happen have the reassurance that our guarantee will help you replace it.

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